The Amazon Echo Dot will now come with a built-in clock

Asking Alexa the time will soon be a thing of the past

Amazon Echo Dot now comes with a clock
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"Customers ask Echo over a billion times a year, 'Alexa, what time is it?'", David Limp, senior VP of Amazon devices, said at Amazon's big event in Seattle today.

So, in response to those customer requests (and maybe to take a bit of heat off the old servers), Amazon has introduced an Echo Dot with a clock.

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It's essentially the third-gen Echo Dot with an LED clock display that illuminates from underneath the fabric speaker wrap. The display can also show outdoor temperature, timers and alarms.

A 9-minute snooze for alarms can be accessed by tapping on the top, making it ideal for the bedside table that doesn't want a screen or camera on it.

Echo Dot with a clock
Echo Dot with a clock

Amazon announces an Echo Dot with a clock

Like the rest of Amazon's new wares, you can pre-order the Echo Dot with clock from today, 25 September, for $59.99. But, don't worry, the old Echo Dot is sticking around, too.

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