Alexa gets new Eurovision Song Contest Easter Eggs and trivia

'Alexa, is this music?'

Alexa gets new Eurovision trivia

If you grew up watching the Eurovision Song Contest every year, you might associate the carnival of camp with some long gone technology like typing numbers into Teletext to get the badly transcribed and too slow lyrics up on screen.

Because Eurovision is more than just a collection of painfully bad songs, it's about choosing just one Eastern European country to vote for and kitsch extras like a mad European buffet or mandatory fancy dress. It's also about spending time and energy on contest trivia, the iconic winners, the where are they now's, and all the nil points awarded to the UK over the years.

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That's where Alexa comes in with some new and updated trivia and Easter Eggs about past winners and details about this weekend's 2018 show in Lisbon. Plus Alexa can also play you winning songs going back to 1956 as part of your pre-game.

Both Amazon and Google are making extra effort to keep their voice assistants up to date with the cultural calendar - from Westworld and Black Panther Easter Eggs to yes, that future classic Storm by SueRie. It's worth noting that Google Assistant's general knowledge tends to pip Alexa's, thanks to the Knowledge Graph, so if you've got a Google powered smart speaker, get asking about Eurovision on there too.

Eurovision-heads can now ask Alexa the following commands:

Alexa, when is the Eurovision Song Contest starting?

Alexa, who is the Finnish entry for Eurovision this year?

Alexa, how many countries are participating in Eurovision this year?

Alexa, where is Eurovision this year?

Alexa, what's the Eurovision theme this year?

Alexa, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976?

Alexa, when did Lordi win Eurovision?

Alexa, which years did Sweden win Eurovision?

Alexa, how many years has Eurovision been on the air?

Alexa, when did the Germans win Eurovision?

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