Get spooky with Alexa this Halloween, as new skills land

The commands are perfect for terrifying house guests or a chilling ambiance

Alexa gets spooky for Halloween
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It's Halloween week right now, with trick or treaters left, right and centre. The good news for smart home aficionados is that you're likely well-equipped to take the lead in the spooking stakes.

Whether it's smart lighting setups, or scary sounds, you've got a range of options to contend with, and Amazon has joined the pack by announcing a few new easter eggs for Alexa to help use you out.

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We've got the down-low on all the commands you need, and the first is a doozy. Say, "Alexa, start Halloween Ambiance" and you'll be greeted by a cavalcade of creepy sounds. We're talking creaking floorboards, whistling winds and thunderclaps. Keep your ears open for the odd scream, too.

Another useful one is, "Alexa, open Ghost Detector", which'll start a little ghost-catching routine that should thrill any young ones.

If you're a bit more an intellectual household than one of thrill-seekers, though, there's also a Halloween Quiz you can ask Alexa for to get some kooky questions to answer. Or if you think you've got a burgeoning talent for potion brewing, ask Alexa to "open Magic Potion" for some instruction.

There are a whole range of commands you can throw Alexa's way this Halloween if you fancy more, though. Check out the full list below:

Alexa, are witches real?

Alexa, cast a spell

Alexa, give me a magic potion

Alexa, happy Halloween

Alexa, tell me a fact about ghosts

Alexa, tell me a fact about skeletons

Alexa, tell me a fact about witches

Alexa, tell me a fact about zombies

Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke

Alexa, tell me a joke about monsters

Alexa, tell me a joke about pumpkins

Alexa, tell me a joke about witches

Alexa, tell me a joke about zombies

Alexa, tell me a spooky fact

Alexa, tell me a spooky story

Alexa, trick or treat, and Trick or treat smell my feet

Alexa, what are you wearing for Halloween

Alexa, what should I wear for Halloween

Alexa, when did Halloween begin?

Alexa, why do we carve pumpkins at Halloween?

Alexa, why do we trick or treat?

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