More Alexa powered smart home hubs are on the way

Here's what next year's Alexa speakers will do

More Alexa home hubs are coming
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The new Amazon Echo Show is also a Zigbee smart home hub and now it looks like there's going to be a lot more where that came from.

Because Amazon has unveiled a couple of ODM designs for Alexa-powered smart home hubs and gateways that manufacturers can use to quickly build new products.

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So the Calix GigaSpire Max and Gemtek Vita won't actually go on sale as consumer home tech devices but they have now been approved by Amazon as 'white-box' designs. That means we can get a sense of the features to expect in third-party Alexa smart home hubs.

The Calix GigaSpire Max, for starters, is a mesh Wi-Fi router with Zigbee 3.0 and Z-Wave Pro, the two main smart home protocols, plus Bluetooth Low Energy. It also houses a 5W speaker and a three microphone array for built-in Alexa voice controls.

The Gemtek Vita Smart Home Controller meanwhile works with Zigbee 3.0, 10G broadband, LTE, Bluetooth and 'Wi-Fi connection protocols with a four microphone array and Alexa built-in. It's an 8W speaker with two passive radiators.

Essentially if you're looking for more than a so-so speaker or smart display with built-in voice controls, 2019 might be a very good year for more substantial smart home hubs that work with everything and give your home connectivity a boost too.

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