Alexa can now speak Spanish, as Amazon rolls out multilingual mode in the US

Alexa follows Google Assistant and Siri with Spanish support

Alexa gets multilingual mode
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Alexa users in the US can now speak to the assistant in Spanish, with both a new Spanish language mode and Amazon's Multilingual mode going live today.

Users can switch on a new Spanish voice in the Alexa app, which as well as switching the language will enable Spanish skills from Univision, Telemundo and others.

But Amazon is also rolling out Multilingual mode, which allows Alexa to understand both English and Spanish without the user needing to switch any settings, making it better for bilingual households.

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Multilingual mode, which was announced at Amazon's device event last month, is also bringing Indian English and Hindi to India, and Canadian English and French Canadian to Canada, with plans to expand the feature to more regions and with more languages in the future.

Both Google Assistant and Siri are already multilingual, so Alexa is a bit behind on this one, but it's good to see it finally roll out nonetheless. With Spanish the second-most spoken language in the US, it's taken Amazon a surprisingly long time to get here.

Finally, Amazon is also letting developers build and publish Spanish-speaking Alexa skills to its US store, so the list of available skills should start to grow.

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