Alexa Guard feature launches in the US, turning your Echo into a watchdog

Your speaker can now finally act as the home's digital guardian

 Alexa Guard feature launches in the US
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Amazon’s Alexa Guard feature is now finally rolling out to users across the US, after it was announced back in October and went to an invite-only beta in December.

The free Alexa Guard update essentially enables your Echo speaker to act as a watchdog while you’re away. On activating the feature, your Echo speaker will listen for suspicious activity, such as breaking glass or smoke alarms – and notify you if something’s not right. It’s actually quite a neat way of making the device a smart smoke alarm, say, without buying any new tech.

Of course, the actions Alexa is capable of are pretty limited. It won’t be able to silence alarms, but, if you have smart cameras, you’ll be able to summon a feed manually.

However, there are a couple of partners – so, if you have a Ring security system or an ADT one, Alexa will be able to sound the alarm via those. And we’d expect more partners to jump on board in the future, too. However, there’s no automatic 911 calls.

To activate the service, once you've enabled it within the settings of the Alexa app, just say “Alexa, I’m leaving” and the assistant will reply to say something along the lines of “OK, I’ll be on guard”.

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