Alexa powered smart lamps are coming

Amazon wants more from where this lamp speaker design came from

Alexa powered smart lamps are coming

If you want an Amazon Alexa powered smart home, you have to think about where you want your smart speakers dotted around the house. Sure, you can talk to a couple of switches and thermostats with Alexa in now but the smart speaker has hogged all the attention.

It looks like Amazon is actively trying to change this up by unveiling a new reference design from Adition for a lamp and speaker hybrid that you can use to talk to Alexa.

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It's not actually the first one we've seen - remember the beaut C by GE smart lamp? This one is less of a striking design, in fact it looks like an Echo that just happens to provide light. The Adition Lamp Speaker has two mics, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, has a dimmable, warm light and, as you'd expect, supports multiple music streaming services. There's a light ring towards the bottom of the lamp and a bunch of physical buttons for volume and dimming up top.

You won't see this on sale anytime soon, the idea is to prove it works but you might see something very similar. The whole point is that Amazon wants to encourage manufacturers to use its Alexa Voice Services to add its voice assistant into other form factors. So if you don't want a standalone smart speaker in every room, you could go for something like this in a room or two.

We like what Amazon is doing here and Sony's cylindrical light speaker proves the form factor can look lush, we only hope we now don't get 100 products identical to this. More personality like the C by GE please.

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