Amazon wants you to help Alexa answer difficult questions

Howard Shore composed the Lord of the Rings soundtrack FYI

Amazon wants you to help Alexa
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Alexa is getting smarter all the time, but we can still stump it now and then. Amazon obviously wants Alexa to be able to tackle anything you throw its way, and to do that it's turning to the public to crowdsource answers to more difficult questions.

To do this, Amazon is opening a new program called Alexa Answers, where it's granting a limited number of users access to a website where they'll be able to scroll through question categories and type responses to tricky queries. It sounds a little like Yahoo Answers, presumably with fewer people asking if it's ok to dating an Aquarius.

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Once given there will be some community-led quality assurance as other members can vote answers "up" or "down", according to Fast Company, to stop silly (or false) responses slipping through the net.

These answers may be given as responses to Alexa users who ask these questions. Amazon also says that that these answers will be attributed to“an Amazon customer” when given to the community.

Amazon has been testing the new feature in an internal program and has so far gathered 100,000 new responses. In a blog post the company offered up some suggested questions including, "Where was Barbara Bush buried?”, “Who wrote the score for Lord of the Rings?”, “What’s cork made out of?” Truly, the greatest mysteries of our time.

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