Amazon Dash Button Prime Day deal is essentially free money

Costs cut and you'll still get the full price back on your first purchase

Amazon Dash Button free money to be made

If you're an Amazon Prime member, then Prime Day not only offers you the opportunity to get some great deals but also make some money too... no, we're not making this up.

Amazon Dash Buttons - which usually cost $4.99 each - have seen their prices slashed to just $0.99, but once you use it for the first time you'll actually get credited back the usual, full, price.

In other words if you buy a Dash Button for $0.99, you'll get a $4.99 discount after your first press - leaving you $4 up in Amazon credit.

Click here to see all of the Dash buttons included in the Prime Day bonanza

Amazon Dash buttons are wireless smart buttons you place around your house – on your washing machine, the bathroom cabinet etc – and, when pushed, will order a particular item from Amazon.

There's an ever-growing collection of brands to choose from, with Ariel, Listerine, Flash, Smartwater, Huggies and Durex among the options.

They connect to your Wi-Fi via an Amazon mobile app, and all you need to do is stick them where it makes sense – so don't put a button for condoms on the cooker.

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