HP, Kenmore and Petcube home devices get Dash Replenishment tricks

CES 2018: Even more appliances can re-order their own supplies on Amazon

New gadgets get Dash Replenishment
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Even talking to Amazon Alexa is a step too far when it comes to Dash Replenishment gadgets and appliances. The scheme takes the Dash Buttons to their logical conclusion and means tech companies are building home products that can measure and automatically re-order supplies via Amazon - no human input needed.

The new cohort includes HP and Epson printers that can re-order printer ink; Kenmore appliances that re-order dishwater tablets and detergent and 3M Filtrete air purifiers that can re-order the filters. These will be new, future products with this functionality and the sensors required to track how fast your ink or tablets are being used - things like infrared, pressure flow and weight sensors.

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In the nearer future, there's the Illy Y5 Expresso and Coffee Machine (which tracks and re-orders capsules) and the Petcube Bites camera and treat dispenser (ditto for pet treats of your choice).

Both of these Dash Replenishment enabled devices are on sale now and the scheme already includes brands and use cases ranging from useful to gimmicky: Samsung, Whirlpool and GE appliances are in the program, and even the August smart lock (for re-ordering batteries).

Amazon also announced its Virtual Dash Button Service (shopping shortcuts for Prime members) will come to third party devices with screens - it's already on the Amazon Echo Show and we're now seeing a whole range of Google Assistant powered smart displays. So expect to see the virtual buttons on this type of device.

Now, this whole concept could be either a convenience dream or a shopping nightmare to you. Most likely a mix of both. That printer one does sound useful, though.

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