All about that bass: Amazon rolls out equalizer feature for Echo speakers

Make EQ adjustments with no treble at all

Amazon rolls out EQ feature for Echo
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Amazon is rolling out a new equalizer feature for Echo devices, giving users more control over how their music sounds.

That means you’ll be able to adjust the treble, mid-range and bass on your Echo speaker - simply by asking Alexa to do so. High end a bit too bright? You can now say, “Alexa, turn down the treble”. It really is as simple as that.

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You can even get specific by asking Alexa to set the exact decibels, anywhere between 6bB and -6dB. For example, “Alexa, set the bass to 1”. Or you can say, "Alexa, reset the equalizer" to return to the default mix.

And if you’d prefer to go old school, there’s an equalizer in the Alexa app where you can make those adjustments by hand.

The new feature works on all Echo devices - first and second generation - and if you have an Echo with a screen on it - so an Echo Spot or Echo Show - you can also adjust the equalizer in settings right on the device. Any adjustments you make with Alexa's EQ will be applied to music, podcasts, videos and audiobooks.

But here’s the thing: Amazon still hasn’t made a high-end speaker, and even the most recent Echo speakers are sub-par when it comes to music quality. The good news is that Amazon is giving the new tools to third-party manufacturers for controlling their own Alexa-powered speakers, which includes the likes of the Sonos Beam. So expect to see the EQ feature appearing outside of Amazon's own crop soon.

Still, it feels like all the pieces are in place for that long-anticipated high-end Echo speaker, right?

The new feature will be popping up in waves on Echo speakers. In the US, you'll be able to adjust the EQ via voice command. Other users will have to use the app or adjust the settings on the device's display. Amazon will rollout voice commands in other English-speaking countries later.

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