Amazon Echo Glow is the $29 smart lamp you didn't know your kids needed

The new companion device works with sleep timers and music

Amazon to bring the light through Echo Glow
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Amazon is officially a challenger in the smart lighting battle, revealing details around the new Echo Glow at its hardware event in Seattle.

Instead of a full collection of branded bulbs ready to take on the might of Philips Hue, though, the Glow will instead act as a companion device to the wider Alexa range.

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It's small, it changes colors and, at least the way Amazon sees things, it could be an ideal addition to a kid's bedroom.

Why? Well, not only will users be able to ask the digital assistant to provide a flickering motion – essentially helping the Glow to act as a weird inside campfire – but it'll also be able to work in conjunction with sleep timers and music.

When it comes to changing colors, as we just mentioned, Amazon says that it will cycle through all of the rainbow.

Echo Glow
Echo Glow

Like the rest of the new Amazon devices unveiled, it's available to pre-order from today, 25 September. However, as you might expect, this is among the cheapest of the bunch, coming in at a cool $29.99.

Whether the new – and first – Echo light proves to be a success, only time will tell. Interestingly, it was unveiled alongside a number of child-focused changes to Alexa, too, such as Communications for Kids and the Education Skill API.

Maybe the lamp is supposed to cheer your kid up after Alexa spills the beans on their latest test scores, we're not sure.

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