Amazon's new Echo Spot is a smart alarm clock with a 2.5-inch display

If the Echo Dot and Echo Show had a baby

Amazon's Echo Spot smart alarm clock
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Amazon unleashed a torrent of new smart home devices today - like a refreshed Echo and the smart home hub-packing Echo Plus at its surprise Echo event. Another one of the new devices to pop up also happens to be one of the smallest Echo devices you can buy - the Echo Spot.

The Echo Spot is a little like what would happen if you took an Echo Dot and crossed it with an Echo Show. It's got a tiny footprint and a half sphere design with a neat 2.5-inch display on the front. It's a smart alarm clock with Alexa built in, but Amazon says it can do so much more.

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That includes video calling, much like its bigger brother, the Echo Show. While it has built-in sound, it also has a line-out so that you can connect it to a speaker via Bluetooth or wire to get a little more oomph in your morning wake-up call. And because of that display, you'll get all the video features you expect from the Show, including flash video briefings. No YouTube though, not until Google and Amazon solve their differences.

Speaking of the Show, Amazon also announced that its video-based Echo will be coming to the UK and Germany for £199.99. It'll be available for pre-order today, 27 September, and start rolling out to customers later this year.

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As for the adorable little Echo Spot, it's available for pre-order in the US for $129.99, with deliveries shipping in December. The UK and Germany will get the Spot early next year. While its price certainly doesn't line up with the Dot, it certainly comes across as a much more affordable and manageable than the $229.99 Echo Show.

Amazon's new Echo Spot is a smart alarm clock with a 2.5-inch display

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