You can now turn your Amazon Fire tablet into an Echo Show

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Amazon turns tablets into Echo Shows
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If you own an Amazon Fire tablet, there’s already a hands-free mode for talking to Alexa. But now, with a new feature and accessory, Amazon is making the transformation from tablet to Echo Show smart speaker complete.

That new feature is called Show Mode (natch), which gives you the same visual interface as the Show speaker, which you'll be able to easily toggle on and off. Functionally it performs just like the actual Echo Show, Amazon says.

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Alongside this, Amazon has introduced the Show Mode Charging Dock for the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10, letting you prop the tablet upright and keep it charged. Attach the tablet to the dock and it will automatically switch to Show Mode, while the adjustable kickstand will let you change the viewing angle.

When it comes to smart assistants, there are some cases where having a screen is beneficial - seeing movie times or cooking recipes, for example - which is why the Amazon Echo Show has carved out a unique place for itself. Google also has its own army of incoming Smart Displays.

Show Mode will roll out to Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets in a software update on 2 July. That means the Fire 7 tablet won't be getting the same feature, unfortunately, nor will any others. Amazon will be selling the Charging Dock at $39.99 for the Fire HD 8 version and $54.99 for the HD 10.

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