Alexa Announcements and YouTube arrive on UK Amazon Fire TV devices

Users will gain another degree of control over their home

Announcements and YouTube for Fire TV
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Amazon has added the ability to use Alexa Announcements on Fire TV devices – and full YouTube functionality is back in business too.

Announcements enables you to make broadcasted announcements to all Alexa speakers around home. For example, if you say "Alexa, announce that the movie is starting" just as you sit down to watch a film, the other Alexa-enabled speakers in your home will let anyone in earshot know to get themselves to the TV to join in.

Any parent will be sure to recognise the usefulness of this technique, whether for rounding up scattered children or telling everyone dinner is ready. Of course, if you'd prefer not to use the system, you can turn off Alexa Announcements in the Alexa app on your smartphone, by selecting speakers and devices from the 'Devices' tab.

But perhaps even better news is that the official YouTube app is returning to UK devices, just as it did in the US earlier this summer.

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You'll now be able to find the YouTube app in the 'Your Apps and Channels' row on your Fire TV. In fact, the app's got a bit of an upgrade while it's been unavailable - it can now take advantage of Alexa voice controls to make browsing the world of streaming video even easier.

If this marks a burying of the hatchet between Google and Amazon on the streaming front, it'll be a welcome change for users - not having official YouTube access has been a drag for Fire TV owners for some time.

Amazon's wording doesn't sound like YouTube could disappear again anytime soon: "The new YouTube app will be the default YouTube experience for customers using a compatible Fire TV device, effective immediately."

Let's hope we get access on the Echo Show in due course.

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