Amazon's cord-cutting Fire TV Recast box is $100 off right now

The DVR gets a massive price cut ahead of Prime Day

Fire TV Recast gets huge deal
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Amazon Prime Day doesn't kick off in earnest for a couple more weeks, but in typical Amazon fashion it's getting the ball rolling with some early deals, with the Fire TV Recast being one of the biggest.

Starting right now, the Fire TV Recast is just $129.99, which is $100 off the normal price. That's a huge saving on the cord-cutting box.

Amazon: Fire TV Recast - Save $100
Amazon: Fire TV Recast - Save $100

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Amazon Fire TV Recast is the company's over-the-air DVR, which launched last year. While we've seen companies like Plex and TiVo try to do similar, Amazon's box offers the most polished experience we've had so far.

All you need to do is connect Recast to your Wi-Fi, put the antenna in place, have it scan for available channels in your area and then get watching. The Fire TV Recast is capable of streaming to two devices at once, and can even beam TV channels to your phone when you're out of the house.

You will, however, need a Fire TV device to make use of the Recast, be it a Fire TV Stick, a Cube or a Fire TV Box.

In our review, we said: "The Fire TV Recast is aiming at the cord-cutters who want over-the-air content in the easiest, least expensive way possible – and to that end Amazon achieves its goal. You do need a Fire TV to use it, however, and there are more limitations than we'd like, but the Recast will undoubtedly appeal to a subset of people who wish DVR was just a little simpler."

Amazon: Fire TV Recast - Save $100
Amazon: Fire TV Recast - Save $100

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