Amazon throws in 6 months of free Music Unlimited with new Echo Dot

Latest streaming bounty is a no brainer if you're in the market for a new Dot

6 months Music Unlimited with new Echo Dot
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Amazon is really going to town trying to get people to sign up for Spotify-rival Amazon Music Unlimited.

First up was the offer of 3 months completely free streaming and now the tech giant is offering 6 months free access to Amazon Music Unlimited with any purchase of a 4th-gen Echo Dot smart speaker.

The latest Echo Dot costs $49.99 and a monthly subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited (multi-device) plan starts from $7.99 (it's $9.99 if you don't have Prime) so it's a whopper of a deal.

The latest Amazon Echo Dot is actually a decent speaker in terms of music playback but that's not it's strength. In our review we said:

"The Dot is still not a replacement for a serious music speaker.

"That being said, it does sound better, handling loudness more ably than the third gen model, and its front firing speaker able to project sound further into a room. But on its own it's far from room-filing and at higher levels the clarity gets lost."

The good news is that with a Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan you can use your account to stream music on as many Alexa smart speakers as you want.

Alternative: How to get Spotify streaming on your Alexa devices

Amazon Music Unlimited gives you access to a 50 million-strong library but is not to be confused with Amazon's answer to Tidal; Amazon Music HD.

For more info on what plan suits you best take a look at our guide to Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music HD.

If you want to buy an Echo Dot and get 6 months of regular Amazon Music Unlimited chucked in gratis, click the banner below...

Amazon throws in 6 months of free Music Unlimited with new Echo Dot

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