Amazon Music Unlimited wants to give you 3 months of free streaming

Amazing offer will see you streaming 50 million tunes well into 2021

Amazon Music Unlimited: 3 months free
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Amazon wants to suck you into its music streaming ecosystem and has turned the vacuums up to 11 with a very appealing 3-months free offer.

Amazon Music Unlimited, the e-retail giant's rival to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, is no longer the runt of the music streaming litter; there have been huge improvements to the service over the past few months.

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It offers over 50 million songs and, if you've got an Alexa smart speaker (and a heck of a lot of people have), you'll be able to tap into improved integration with Amazon's digital assistant, with the ability to ask things such as what you're listening to, and to play songs by an artist without being particularly specific.

Think "Alexa, play songs by that band with Mick Jagger in it" or "Alexa, play an instrumental version of Wonderwall".

Amazon Music is most at home on Echo devices. On these, all it takes is a quick "Alexa, play The Beautiful South" command and, if Amazon Music is your default music player, you'll be jamming out almost instantly.

That applies to all Alexa-enabled speakers, actually, so whether you're talking to a Sonos Beam or an Amazon Echo Dot With Clock, it will be the same experience.

The free trial will switch to whatever plan (and fee) you sign up for - there are different options for individual devices, individual people with multiple speakers, families and also students.

For more info on what plan suits you best take a look at our guide to Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music HD.

To get going with the free trial, head over to Amazon and sign up now. You can cancel at any time during the 3 months, so it doesn't have to cost you a cent.

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