Deal: Incredibly, you can get an Amazon Smart Plug for just $5

But this voucher code will only work for certain accounts

Amazon Smart Plug on sale for $5
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We're going to get this out of the way nice and early: not everyone is eligible for this ridiculous $5 Amazon Smart Plug deal. It's exclusive to Prime members first off, but even then it only works for certain accounts. But it doesn't hurt to try your luck, eh?

If you're not a Prime member already, take out an Amazon Prime 30-day trial. Then, to get an Amazon Smart Plug for just $5, simply use the code AMZNPLUG at checkout. If you're eligible, it will instantly wipe $20 off the usual price. Bargain.

Amazon: Smart Plug - Save $20
Amazon: Smart Plug - Save $20

This is an incredible price for an Amazon Smart Plug. If you want to add smart controls to your dumb appliance, it's super convenient. Just plug whatever you want into the Smart Plug, and then the Smart Plug into an outlet and you'll have Wi-Fi control either via the Alexa app or from an Alexa-compatible device like an Echo speaker. Check out our Echo deals page for some extra bargains.

You can instantly turn a standard lamp into a smart light, or be able to turn your coffee machine on without getting out of bed. It's the ultimate gadget for the lazy (or super smart).

We reviewed the Amazon Smart Plug and gave it 3.5/5, concluding: "Amazon's homegrown smart plug is all about simplicity: a breeze to set up, a breeze to use. It lacks the bells and whistles of other options, but if you're living in an Alexa home and want something that does the basics – on/off commands and the ability to add to routines – it's hard to argue with the First plug."

Amazon: Smart Plug - Save $20
Amazon: Smart Plug - Save $20

Again, this deal won't work for everyone. But for the chance of getting a $5 Amazon Smart Plug, it's worth trying your luck. Leave us a comment below if you manage to snag yourself a serious smart home bargain.

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