Anker’s outdoor EverCam is totally wireless and has a year-long battery life

This Eufy outdoor security camera is kicking up a crowdfunding storm

This security camera has a year long battery

Eufy has launched a fresh smart security camera on Kickstarter, with the Anker-owned company already passing through its funding goal and raising north of $575,000.

The EverCam is a water-resistant HD recorder, with Eufy indicating that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's completely wireless which means that it doesn’t require mounting or a power source to work. Instead, it can be fitted to a metal surface through in-built magnets, and can run for up to a year on a single charge.

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The camera features a 13,400mAh battery to allow it to run remotely for the full 365-day period, staying in a standby mode unless motion is detected. Once it is, the camera starts rolling, with sirens also in place to sound if the camera is moved without being disarmed. An indoor base station stays connected to the EverCam, allowing it to record and connect to the internet.

Live feeds can be viewed straight from the Eufy mobile companion app, though the primary recording takes place via a microSD card, which can be pulled out of the camera and popped into the base station. A 16GB card, the company estimates, will be able to match the device’s battery life and record for roughly a year, with old footage being overwritten once the capacity has been reached.

Movement isn’t the only criteria the EverCam uses to kick into action, with artificial intelligence also used in order to differentiate between people and animals. In order to eliminate unnecessary recording, the camera will be able to pick up on faces it sees continuously and send notifications when a heat source is identified. You can also set the camera to continuously record in certain scenarios - say, if it detects a certain person's face.

Interestingly, none of standard features above are locked behind a cloud storage subscription, unlike rivals like Nest, though users can pay $2.99 per month is order to save and view video clips in real time.

The camera itself doesn’t come cheap but it could still save you some money. Starting at $299 and coming in at $499 for a pair, the EverCam will sit slightly cheaper than the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor. Kickstarter units are expected to ship this September.

Whether you’d rather trust the promises of a startup over a smart home veteran like Nest is up to you, but there’s no doubt that the simplified setup of the EverCam is a strong point of appeal here, and one that’s certainly struck a chord with the crowdfunding community.

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