Apple takes down its big HomePod update after bricking speakers

The latest update was set to bring all sorts of goodies

HomePod update pulled
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Apple has been forced to pull a U-turn on its significant HomePod update, after users reported it was bricking their smart speakers.

The 13.2 software update, announced at WWDC in June, was briefly available to download, but was fueling widespread reports of issues. Some users were finding their HomePod unable to break out of a reset pattern, and weren't able to use the speaker at all.

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In lieu of an official statement, Apple has issued some slightly confusing advice, recommending that you don't attempt to reset your HomePod if you have updated, or try to remove it from your Home app. If you have done either of those, it's recommending that you get in touch with its support for help.

That's fairly disastrous, as roll-outs go - a shame, because 13.2 was set to bring some welcome changes. The update, when it returns in a more functional state, will bring a new handoff feature that lets you move music from your iPhone to the HomePod just by bringing the two near to each other.

When you do, a notification will appear on the lock screen asking if you'd like to transfer the music to the speaker.

Voice profiles will also allow the HomePod to recognize up to six different voices and deliver personalized responses. That can range from playing personal playlists to sending messages and reading your calendar.

The third new feature brings ambient sounds to the HomePod, letting you play relaxing noises like falling rain, ocean sounds and more. You'll be able to set timers on these too, should you want to fall asleep to them.

Voice profiles are arguably the most anticipated of all these features, as it's something Google and Amazon have offered in their smart speakers for quite some time.

Our main criticisms of the HomePod have always been centered around the smart features, so it's good to see Apple catching up in that department.

There's no information about when the update will be available again, but we'll be sure to update this story when it is.

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