Aqara smart home kit hits UK and European Apple Stores

New M2 Hub and Camera Hub G2H amongst the devices available

Aqara smart home kit Apple Stores
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Great news for smart home enthusiasts living in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain: Aqara's top smart home devices are now available to buy directly through the Apple Store online.

Previously, if you lived outside of the US where Aqara has an excellent Amazon store front, you'd have to search around online, or buy directly from China, for Aqara's smart home devices.

The Apple Store lineup includes the new HomeKit compatible M2 Hub, as well as the excellent Aqara Camera Hub G2H.

The availability also extends to the brand's extensive range of smart home sensors; window & door, temperature & humidity, and vibration.

Aqara, in case you're not aware, is a long time partner of the Xiaomi Mi brand for the US market. It's now self-owned, under Lumi Technology.

It's a brilliant brand for people looking for inexpensive, reliable ways to expand their Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant powered smart homes.

Back in early 2020 we published our comprehensive Aqara smart home review; so make sure you take a read of that for more information and details of exactly what's on offer.

Be aware though that we're currently in the process of updating that review to reflect the vast changes that the platform has gone through in the past 18 months or so, plus some of the new devices such as the aforementioned M2 Hub.

So check back in a couple of weeks for a thorough update there.

In the meantime, head over to the Apple Store to see exactly what Aqara devices you can buy now.

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