Digital assistants more popular than rabbits and hamsters... FACT

Alexa and co. on the rise in UK homes

Digital assistants more popular than rabbits

Smart homes are on the rise. We kind of thought that anyway - that's why we started a website all about the smart home... but now we have official confirmation. Official confirmation from UK retail giant Argos, that is.

The catalogue king has just published its A Year In Tech report, which highlights that digital assistants are now in place in 10% of UK homes - making them more prolific than both hamsters (1%) and rabbits (2%) combined. Suck on that, fluffy pets.

Bizarre comparisons aside, the report does actually provide a few more interesting smart home data nuggets, such as:

- Sales of smart home products have soared by 161% year-on-year.

- Smart security products lead the way - 200% YoY increase.

- Smart speakers are big sellers - 151% YoY increase.

- Traditional 'dumb' radios are paying the price, falling 18% over the same period.

We really think they could have thrown in some more small animal comparisons to really hammer home these big talking points but there you go.

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