The Week in Smart Home: Arlo HD smart video doorbell incoming and more

A comprehensive mop-up of the week's top smart home stories

Arlo HD smart doorbell incoming
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Here it is. The one you've been waiting for. The weekly roundup of the smart home news you might have missed. What a time to be alive, eh?

In a week where Amazon's security practices were questioned while the company found another way to get inside your house, here are some of the lesser headlines that you might have missed.

The Week in Smart Home: Arlo HD smart doorbell incoming and more

Arlo HD smart video doorbell surfaces

Arlo already has a connected doorbell on the market but it's audio-only and, c'mon, who wants that? Your gran maybe. Luckily, a brand that specialises in smart cameras is getting on board with the video doorbell revolution.

Looking a lot like the Nest Hello, let's be honest, the device (far right of the line-up above) was actually revealed by I-View Now, who announced a partnership with Arlo, while at the same time showing off the video doorbell for the first time.

A 2-megapixel camera is said to be on board along with two-way audio. There's no details yet on a launch date or a price, nor whether it will play nicely with HomeKit.

The Week in Smart Home: Arlo HD smart doorbell incoming and more

SimpliSafe not afraid of Google and co.

SimpliSafe isn't bothered one bit about competing in a smart home landscape increasingly dominated by the major tech Goliaths.

“What we do is we wake up every day thinking about security, and how we change those outcomes, and how we create a better value proposition in security,” said SimpliSafe CEO Chad Laurans. “I strongly suspect those folks don’t wake up every day thinking about that. They wake up thinking about how they monetize data.”

“We don’t feel terribly afraid of them,” Laurans says of Amazon and Google. “I feel a little bit afraid for their customers sometimes. I do wonder what happens if and when they lose interest.”

The Fast Company article, in which Laurans' comments appeared, also has some great smart home insight from the likes of Netatmo, August and Wyze. Check it out here.

The Week in Smart Home: Arlo HD smart doorbell incoming and more

Bowers & Wilkins Formation takes on Sonos

Look at the absolute state of these speakers. The absolute state. If you're the type of person who is cool enough to carry off owning one of these (you're not) then you'll be pleased to know that B&W is ready to take on Sonos and the multi-room audio gang, with its new Formation range.

In terms of audio quality you probably won't be surprised to learn that the five models on offer actually blow the likes of Sonos out of the water, with "high-fidelity performance" underpinned by 24-bit audio and 96kHz sample-rate streaming.

You'll also have no shock at the staggering price-tags, which is $7,795 for the full house. The cheapest component, the Audio box, is $699 and can turn your dumb speakers smart. Find out more and buy them right here.

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