Arlo's new Audio Doorbell works with its security cameras

This nifty new smart home gadget is here to rival Ring and Nest

Arlo Audio Doorbell ditches the camera

Arlo's smart home security range just got bigger with the new Arlo Audio Doorbell. It's due to launch this fall and we don't have a price yet but we know that the new smart doorbell will alert you via your phone when someone rings the doorbell. Then you can choose to talk to them or if you're not free, they can leave you a voicemail-type message.

Unlike the popular Ring Video Doorbell 2 and the more recent Nest Hello (which looks very similar in design), there's no camera so you don't get a video feed.

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As we said, there's no price yet but we expect this will mean it will come in considerably cheaper. Arlo is also banking on people using it together with its excellent Arlo Pro 2 camera which could be placed near the door. There's no word on any wider compatibility with smart home ecosystems just yet.

Arlo's new Audio Doorbell works with its security cameras

As for when you're inside the house, Arlo will be selling an optional Smart Chime that plugs into any socket with no wires required - you can also buy more than one of these to cover each room of the house. There's a selection of Chimes available and you can adjust the volume too.

The Arlo Audio Doorbell is powered by two AA batteries (though it can also be wired in) and is weather resistant against rain, snow and heat. You also get free, rolling seven day cloud storage of your audio recordings which is another nice bonus. Go to Arlo's website to sign up for more info when it's available.

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