Arlo Pro 3 gets Apple HomeKit smart security action

Security camera joins the rest of the Arlo crew at the HomeKit party

Arlo Pro 3 gets HomeKit action
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Its stablemates have been in on the HomeKit action for a while now, so it seems only fitting that the Arlo Pro 3 has finally been made compatible with Apple's smart home ecosystem.

The older Arlo Pro and Arlo 2 have had HomeKit compatibility since August last year and the Arlo Ultra got in on the fun at the tail end of 2019.

This move makes all of Arlo’s smart security camera systems HomeKit compatible, with the use of Arlo's SmartHub base station - which needs to be version VMB4540, by the way.

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The recently announced Arlo Video Doorbell (which is wired) doesn't yet work with Apple's smart home system.

HomeKit integration, which is rolling out via an automatic firmware update, means Arlo Pro 3 owners can now use Apple's Home app to control their cameras, as well as Arlo's own app.

Through the Home app users will get motion notifications and video clips, will be able to view a live feed from their cameras, and also be able pull up that feed using voice commands using Siri.

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Perhaps more importantly, people will also be able to integrate their smart security camers into HomeKit Automations and do stuff like have connected lights turn on when motion is detected and other similar security focused set-ups.

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Arming/disarming Arlo cameras through HomeKit won't be enabled any time soon, however. The restriction lies on Apple's end, which prevents any smart home cameras – not just Arlo's – from having the option.

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