Arlo finally launches Video Doorbell with vertical feed – but there's a problem

It's about time – but can Arlo's doorbell rival Ring?

Arlo finally launches Video Doorbell
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Arlo has announced its first video doorbell, as it takes on the likes of Ring and Nest.

The company has been churning out seriously good quality smart home cameras over the past few years, so it’s always been mystifying that its range only included a video-less doorbell with an accompanying chime. And it seems that has been put to bed.

The Arlo Video Doorbell does things a little differently. First it opts for a 1:1 aspect ratio with a square feed – so it shows more of the person standing at your threshold.

It also makes use of HDR, which should offer decent quality visuals – and resolution is an impressive 1536 x 1536 – so you should get top-notch visuals.

The standard stuff is on the features list: get motion alerts, smartphone notifications when someone rings and, of course, the ability to talk two-ways.

Arlo finally launches Video Doorbell with vertical feed – but there's a problem

However, you can also choose pre-set messages so you don’t actually have to personally interact with people at your door – which is pretty nifty.

However - here’s a kicker: it’s a wired doorbell, so you’ll need to have an existing mechanical or digital chime set up to feed power to the bell unit itself. That’s a dealbreaker for anyone without that wiring in place, who will clearly opt for a Ring Video Doorbell over the excruciating process of adding wiring into your home.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is available to preorder now for $149.99, and it will ship in “early 2020” – so you’ll have to wait a bit. You’ll get a free trial of Arlo Smart to record clips for 30 days, after which that will cost $2.99 or you'll lose all your clips – and it won't move to the free 7 day plan enjoyed by other Arlo cameras, which is a little odd.

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