August will now let you unlock your front door with Google Assistant

It's also adding some announcement features for doorbell users

Google Assistant now unlocks August locks
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August has offered integration with Alexa and the Google Assistant for some time, but until now only Alexa could both lock and unlock the door - Google Assistant could just lock it. Now, August is giving Google the same ability for its Smart Lock, Smart Lock Pro and Yale Assure Locks.

You’ll be able to simply ask the Assistant on your phone or Google Home speaker, “Hey Google, unlock the front door”. But as with Alexa, you’ll then need to read out a security code, a way to avoid just anyone unlocking your door by yelling into your home. The code can be set in the Google Assistant smartphone app.

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August’s rolling out a couple of other updates too, including a new integration with the August Doorbell Cam Pro: Alexa can now announce when someone rings your doorbell, or if the camera detects motion. Alexa will either say, “Someone is at the front door”, or alternatively set up a custom routine to play a special song or flicker a light by way of response.

Google Assistant can also announce when someone rings the doorbell, says August, but oddly it doesn't support motion detection like Alexa does.

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August says it will also soon let you speak to someone stood at your door using the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

Finally, August is extending IFTTT support to its doorbell cameras, so you’ll be able to create routines when someone comes calling, allowing you to be a bit more creative than just using Alexa or the Google Assistant alone.

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