August's new Smart Lock Pro is more self-aware, but there's a cheaper option too

They're joined by a sharper, smarter new doorbell camera

August's new lock gets smarter
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August is refreshing its lineup of smart locks, launching the new August Smart Lock Pro, a new smart doorbell, and a cheaper version of its existing smart lock to tempt in more people.

We'll start with the Lock Pro, the big one, which maintains the cylindrical shape of the second-generation but now comes with the Connect bridge in the box, letting you control your door from anywhere via smartphone. There's also a new feature called DoorSense, which works with a small module you attach next to the lock, and will check if your door is closed before the auto-lock kicks in. This was a problem with previous August locks, which would auto-lock even if the door was still ajar, somewhat defeating its purpose.

There are smarter alerts, with the Pro notifying you when the door has been left open for a period of time, for example, although this feature will still be in beta at launch. You'll eventually be able to set up custom notifications for times of the day, like when you're expecting a bunch of deliveries, or when the kids are coming back from school.

Worth noting too that it's compatible with Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Bluetooth and Z-Wave Plus, and comes in at $279.

Alongside, August is launching a less expensive update to its standard Smart Lock, a play to woo all you hipsters still using the anachronistic lock-and-key. This comes at $149 - down from the prior generation's $229 price tag - and with a more industrial oval design. But hey, maybe that's more your thing.

It lacks the Connect module in the box, though you can add that separately for an additional cost, but it still has the DoorSense feature of the Pro, as well as a traditional old-timey, good-old-days thumb turn. August says the battery life will run for twice as long as the second-generation Smart Lock.

Finally, we have the new $199 Doorbell Cam Pro, the second generation of August's smart home camera, which brings sharper quality to video recording. Improved too are the low-light abilities - the Cam Pro comes with a built-in light to illuminate any late night callers, while you'll still get two-way audio and notifications to your phone when the camera picks up activity. A new feature called Hindsight will also buffer video before the motion is detected, so you can get a fuller picture of what's going on.

August says it's improved the speed of the Wi-Fi connection as well as the setup process, so you can be sure everything is working correctly before screwing it onto the outside wall - not after. Everything is available now from

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