August is finally coming to the UK – as a module for smart locks

IFA 2019: Smart lock startup arrives under the Yale Access name

August is finally coming to the UK
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More than six years after it launched its first smart lock in the US, August is coming to Europe – in a small module you'll attach to an existing smart lock.

For those of you unfamiliar with August's history, the startup was acquired by Swedish lock giant Assa Abloy in 2017, and ever since we've seen August's technology integrated with various lock brands under the Abloy umbrella.

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August is arriving under the Yale Access brand. It's actually just selling a module named the Yale Access Module, which you'll be able to attach to any existing Yale smart lock and give it August's range of additional features.

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Those features include remote control of your door, creating temporary access for guests, auto-unlock when you approach the door, and automatic locking. You can also use your lock with Google Assistant and Alexa, which can both be used to lock the door, as well as integrations with SimpliSafe and

August is finally coming to the UK – in a module for existing smart locks

The Yale Access app will be your portal to all of this. You'll be able to monitor activity at your door too. One of August's best pieces of tech is called DoorSense, which tells you if your door is securely closed or left open, and that will be making its way to Europe too.

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The Yale Access Module comes with the Yale Connect bridge, which you'll need in order to use features like remote control.

As for the module, it simply pops into a compatible Yale-lock; it's exactly the same shape and size as the current Yale Z-Wave module, which is used to integrate the smart locks with the likes of Samsung's SmartThings.

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In addition to this news, Yale has announced it's expanding its in-home delivery service with Waitrose & Partners, which will let shoppers grant access for deliveries to be dropped inside their home when they're out, using the Yale Access app.

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