Awair Glow C is a smart plug, night light and air quality monitor rolled into one

The new plug is a little easier to understand

Awair Glow C doubles as a night light

Here at Ambient Towers, we're big fans of the Awair Glow, a smart plug and air quality monitor rolled into one. Now, Awair is launching its next iteration, the Awair Glow C, which takes the original Glow concept and makes it a little more accessible.

The Glow C will still track chemicals in the air, as well as temperature and humidity, and you'll be able to keep track of trends over time using the Awair app. As the Glow C functions as a smart plug, you can have it turn on 'dumb' devices when certain events happen. For example, if the humidity gets too high, you can have the Awair power on a connected fan.

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Or, as the Glow C isn't actually a purifier, you could have it turn one on, if the air is getting too polluted with chemicals. It can monitor CO2 and airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), too, but not radon.

Awair Glow C lets you splash your walls with color

The overall shape of the plug is similar, as well, but gone (sadly) is the walnut panel on top, which has been replaced with plastic and space for the new indicator light. Whereas the older version had only a small light to indicate air quality, the new one splashes color onto the wall to let you know how clean your air is. A green light indicates it's good, yellow is fair, and red is poor.

With the Glow C, Awair is trying to make its plug easier to use and understand. The Glow C can also act a night light that's triggered when it detects motion, and can also send you a push notification, if you like. As we discovered with the original Glow, there are some handy IFTTT integrations with Awair that are worth checking out, too.

The Awair Glow C has an RRP of $89, but is going on sale for a temporary launch price of $75. It's available to order now on Awair's website.

We've just got one in to test - expect a full review soon.

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