Awair's 2nd Edition air quality monitor will look to fight against fine dust

The smart pollutant monitor will work with Google Assistant, Alexa and Nest

Awair 2nd Edition detects fine dust
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After launching the first generation of its smart air quality monitor last year, Awair is back with the 2nd Edition, and ready to take on more pollutants in your home.

The design and features remain much the same from the original model, though the 2nd Edition will now be able to detect fine dust (known as PM 2.5) and help owners better understand the dangers of poor air quality within the home.

An overexposure to these fine dust particles, which are essentially any pollutants measure less than 2.5 micrometers, can lead to health issues such as respiratory inflammation, cancer, heart disease and birth defects, according to Awair. These are produced as a result of the burning of fossil fuels, cooking, smoking, burning candles, and lighting open fires can also lead to the pollutants.

As before, the Awair will also track volatile organic compound chemicals, carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature in the air, displaying a score for each of the measurements on the front. The score out of 100 will still be displayed, too, giving users an easy indication on the quality of their local air.

If any of these measurements are on the rise in your home, the companion app can also give you a buzz. As a nice touch, the app also gives you tips on how to improve the air score - advice that can also be personalised depending on which room the device sits in.

Interestingly, for those who want to link up the Awair 2nd Edition to the rest of their smart home, the company says that it will also work with Alexa, Google Assistant and Nest. It's available to buy now, too, with the price tag sitting at $199.

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