You can now buy Wemo's 3-way HomeKit smart switch

This versatile beast won't break the bank

Wemo 3-way switch on sale
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Back in January, Belkin teased a new line of smart home devices for its Wemo line, including a three-way, HomeKit-compatible light switch. That switch is now available to order, and will be available in Apple stores next week.

The big pull of the Wemo 3-Way Light Switch, to give it its official title, is versatility. Because it's a three-way switch, you can use it to control multiple fixtures and outlets, including lights and ceiling fans.

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Most smart switches can only control one, so Belkin is offering a way to avoid buying multiple switches to smarten up your lighting system. The switch works with existing single, double and multi-switch plates too. Plus, it costs $49.99, so it's not unreasonably expensive.

Belkin Wemo 3-Way Light Switch
Belkin Wemo 3-Way Light Switch

There's HomeKit built in, but you also get all of Wemo's own smart features such as scheduling and a mode that will randomly adjust your lights to give the impression someone is at home. There's Alexa and Google Assistant support here too. Again, versatile.

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