New Blink Mini HD security camera from Amazon costs just $35

Basic features but at a killer price

New Blink Mini cam is outrageously cheap
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Amazon-owned Blink has launched a new version of its budget indoor smart security camera Blink Mini which is set to cost just $35.

It’s a 1080p camera with most of the basic features you’d expect from a fully specced smart security camera such as the Arlo Pro 3 or Nest Cam.

It has the capability to set motion zones, get motion alerts delivered to your smartphone, two-way audio and cloud storage.

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Storage has changed with the Blink Mini, and it will be now part of a chargeable add-on, which has not been the case for older Blink cameras such as the Blink XT2. Those will continue to be free, but the Blink Mini will cost $3 per month ($30 a year), although Amazon is offering a year free, so there's no charges before April 2021.

Blink Mini HD security camera

The design has changed quite radically and that does mean sacrificing some of the benefits of the Blink XT2.

It’s not battery operated, which means you’ll need to plug it into the mains. What’s more, it’s also only indoor rated, so there’s no IPX7 rating so it won’t stand up to inclement weather. There's also no need for a Blink hub.

So why would you choose this over the likes of Arlo or Nest?

Well, price would be the main reason. A single Blink Mini will cost just $35, a fraction of the price of the Blink XT and big-name rivals. It goes head-to-head with the even cheaper Wyze Cam in the budget smart home tech stakes.

And if you want to circumvent the need for a storage subscription, Blink is launching the Blink Sync Module 2 later in the year which will mean users can store clips locally.

The Blink Mini will go on sale this week on Amazon. We’ll be trying it out for size in the coming weeks.

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