Amazon's Blink XT2 smart camera launches in the UK

The versatile smart camera is now available both sides of the pond

Amazon's Blink XT2 gets UK launch
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The Blink XT2 is now available in the UK, just shortly after the Amazon-owned smart camera on went on sale in the US.

In case you missed the initial announcement back in May, the £89.99 XT2 looks much like the original camera, with the most notable improvement coming in the battery life department. Amazon - who bought Blink back in 2017 - says the device will last two years when resting in motion-activated mode, running off two AA batteries,

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An indoor/outdoor camera, Blink's camera's motion detection feature has been improved in the new generation, allowing the user to set micro-activity zones. Other features include two-way talk, as well as compatibility with Alexa, bringing a live camera feed to devices like the Echo Show, Echo Show 5 and Fire TV.

Amazon: Blink XT2 and Blink Sync Module
Amazon: Blink XT2 and Blink Sync Module

We mention the indoor and outdoor versatility - that's down to the IP65 weatherproofing, with the device's wireless design allowing you to move it between the environments easily, too.

In terms of camera quality, footage is captured at 1080p, and Amazon's free cloud storage means users won't have to tack on a subscription fee. The only add-on potential buyers need to be aware of is that the camera needs a Blink Sync Module to work, though the company is offering the option to have this bundled.

We'll be offering our full review in the coming weeks, where we'll give you our verdict on the new Blink camera.

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