Bowers & Wilkins takes shot at Sonos and Apple HomePod with Formation Flex

New speaker will slip nicely into the Formation ecosystem

Bowers & Wilkins Flexes with new speaker
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Bowers & Wilkins is rolling out a whole multi-room speaker set called the Formation Suite, the heart of which is the just-announced Formation Flex – a £399 rival to the likes of the Apple HomePod and the Sonos One.

But the Flex is more expensive than both of those, as B&W clearly thinks its wireless speaker sounds better, copying over the same tweeter technology from its high-end 600 series.

The Flex is capable of streaming high resolution audio (96/24-Bit) over Wi-Fi, and there's some dynamic EQ technology that adjusts the sound in real time, ensuring whatever's playing is nicely optimized.

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And should you have the cash to splash, you can pair two Flex speakers for stereo sound, or connect the Flex to a Formation Bar for 5.1 surround sound. B&W actually uses a bespoke mesh network for its speakers, using multiple radios to connect directly to other Formation speakers as well as the Wi-Fi – so it takes the strain off your home network.

The Flex comes AirPlay 2-ready and with Spotify Connect and Bluetooth available – but no Alex or Google Assistant. This is really B&W making a play for the higher end of the market, but in a wireless package.

Right now we only know that it will be available later this month for £399, with a US price still to be confirmed.

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