Brilliant Smart Control back in the game with Nest

After 18 months, Google finally gives Brilliant users their Thermostat back

Brilliant Smart Control back with Nest
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Great news for Brilliant Smart Home Control users, Google has enabled the Nest API’s once again, bringing Nest Thermostat back into the mix for the first time in 18 months.

When Google killed the Works with Nest program back in 2019, and forced people's hands to migrate their Nest accounts to a Google one, a few services were left out in the cold. Brilliant was one such brand but there were also big hitters like Hue affected too.

If users had set up their Brilliant Smart Home Control to operate their Nest devices prior to the Works with Nest shut-down, they were able to continue using the link, but only if they didn't migrate their account.

Google warned users that if they didn't migrate to a Google account they would miss out on features like suspicious activity detection, 2-Step verification and security checkup; as well as a more hassle-free way of getting your Nest devices working with other Google services – think camera footage on a Home Hub or Android TV, for example.

People also weren't able to subscribe to the new Nest Aware plans without migrating their account first.

This was a major problem for Brilliant users; the brand states that 50% of Brilliant Smart Home Control users were connected to a Nest product.

So it's great news for a lot of people. A statement from the brand read:

"Now 100% of Google Nest thermostat users will be able to integrate with the Brilliant Smart Home System, With this integration, Brilliant users gain control of their home’s climate using touch, voice (via Alexa), and Scenes. Plus, with the Brilliant mobile app, users will be able to control their home’s climate from anywhere."

The Brilliant Smart Home Control is essentially a more advanced smart light switch, except instead of just controlling the lights it controls your entire smart home. It replaces one or multiple light switches in your home, and comes in multiple configurations for double and triple switch plates.

It also comes with Alexa built in, so that you can simply use Amazon's butler if you don't want to get up and walk to the touchscreen panel on your wall. Brilliant aims to control your whole smart home, from your locks to your lights to your temperature, and it connects with a number of different products from Nest, Ecobee, Philips Hue, Ring, Sonos and more.

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