This plant pot doubles up as a connected air purifier

Clairy's Natede is packed full of sensors

This plant pot doubles up as air purifier
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Clairy is trying to beautify smart air purifiers. Its second product, the Natede plant pot air purifier, is now available on Indiegogo for $189 (RRP: $352) after successful campaigns on both that platform and Kickstarter.

That's right, we said plant pot.

Due to ship in January 2019, the Natede is made up of an inner pot and outer pot and packs in an air vent, a self watering system for your plant and air quality sensors to measure temperature, humidity, VOCs, PM 2.5 and carbon monoxide. If you're interested in CO2 monitoring too, you'll need to got for the Natede Premium which has the additional sensor - it's $319 on Indiegogo, rising to $470 RRP.

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The purifier connects to both iOS and Android via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and Clairy says it's capable of removing 93% of VOCs and 99% of fine particulates, odours, bacteria and viruses. From the smartphone app, you can see a score of your internal air quality, a breakdown of pollutants and also control the fan speed, choosing from four modes including auto, performance night and custom. Plus it works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT for voice controls and connecting to other tech around the house.

This plant pot doubles up as a smart air purifier

So how does it work? The plant pot element isn't just a nice design choice. According to Clairy, the Natede works by supercharging the plants' natural purification - or phytoremediation - process by producing an air flow in the roots (which are normally blocked) combined with a light-powered photocatalytic filter. The technology has been tested in two studies by research labs PNAT and LINV at the University of Florence to prove its effectiveness.

There's quite a few plants you can use with the device including: Flamingo Lily, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Devil's Ivy, Weeping Fig, Dracaena, Chinese Evergreen, Chamaedorea and Pigmy Date Palm.

The Clairy Natede is available in a range of finishes - white, blue and azalea red for the regular Natede and sand, black and girasole yellow ceramic for the Natede Premium. There's also a "luxury" wooden stand available as an accessory via a $239 bundle. It needs main power, weighs 2.5kg and its dimensions are 250mm x 260mm.

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