Coral's new robot vacuums transform into handheld suckers

Part robot. Part handheld. All vacuum

Coral's new robo vacs turn handheld
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Robot vacuums are getting better at reaching tough spots, but Coral's latest pair of bots go the extra distance, conveniently morphing into handheld vacs.

Both the Coral One Ultra and Coral One Lite - differentiated by their power and battery - have a detachable section on the back. Take it out, fit on the dustbin, attach any desired nozzle attachments, and you now have a handheld vacuum for getting into those awkward angles.

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This technically isn't a new feature for Coral, as its first robot vac also came with a detachable handheld option, but the OG Coral One was far less smart in "robot" mode, with no app or schedule cleaning. It was also huge.

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But the Ultra and Lite are much slimmer, now just 3.6 inches tall and 13 inches wide - better for getting under cabinets and into other tricky areas. Better still, it's powered by Coral's new linux-based WaveOS, which the company says will allow it to evolve the bots over time. With this comes personalized scheduling, GPS automated cleaning (if you have the Ultra), and set cleaning zones that make use of the beacon accessories and stop the Coral from wandering into areas you don't want it.

Coral's new robot vacuums transform into handheld

Both the Lite and Ultra have a 600mL dust capacity, but the Ultra has the superior suction power reaching 6000Pa compared to the Lite's 4000Pa, but both can tackle rugs with up to a 1.5-inch pile. The $499 Ultra also gets the GPS camera, while the $299 Lite just gets the "Bump-n-Run," which essentially means it will pinball its way around your home. Battery life varies too: 90 minutes in robo mode and 40 minutes in handheld for the Lite; 124 and 74 minutes respectively for the Ultra.

While we're not overly keen on covering Indiegogo campaigns here on The Ambient, Coral's first robot vacuum did make it to a product, so we're pretty optimistic the new pair will meet their December shipping deadline.

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