Amazon wants you to crowdfund its new Diane von Furstenberg Echo Dots

Dapper designer Dots are the latest 'Build It' Day 1 Editions

Crowdfund these designer Echo Dots
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Amazon has unveiled a trio of new Echo Dot designs... although these aren't going on sale like normal color variants.

The new Diane von Furstenberg Echo Dots are part of the e-retail giant's Day 1 Editions 'Build It' initiative; essentially a crowdfunding campaign to see if there's enough interest to actually turn these dapper Dots into a real thing (poor Diane von Furstenberg if they're not eh? Presumably she's at least on a retainer for the work she's already done?)

There's a 30 day timer for the projects to hit an order goal and thus, get made... Amazon doesn't disclose exactly how many need to be ordered though.

The previous Day 1 Editions launch, back in February, saw Amazon propose three new Alexa-powered smart devices; a Smart Sticky Note Printer, a Smart Nutrition Scale, and a Smart Cuckoo Clock.

But it proved to be somewhat of a flop (although Amazon got in touch to insist it wasn't), with people only backing one of the projects (the printer) enough to make it a reality.

Let's hope for more success with the new Dots. They are pretty swish looking.

The Amazon Echo Dot x Diane von Furstenberg range comes in three flavors: Twigs, Midnight Kiss and Ikat (in that order in the main image above).

They are all priced at $59.99, which is $10 more than the standard 4th-gen Echo Dot - tha's the same price as the panda and tiger Kids Edition Dots.

If you're keen, you've got until 13 August to pre-order. Shipping is estimated to take place between December and March.

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