With new Alexa powers, Dish set-top box owners can ditch the remote

(But maybe don't chuck it in the trash yet)

DISH adds more Alexa to its set-top box
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Amazon's Alexa has already had a nice presence on streaming boxes with the likes of Fire TV and even the new Fire TV Cube, where it can do more than play your movies and tell you which actor is in what show. It looks like Alexa's capabilities are also growing in the older world of TV, too.

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Dish Network is adding even more Alexa capabilities to its Hopper set-top boxes, the satellite TV company announced today. You'll be able to tell Alexa to set recordings, access the home menu, the guide, DVR recordings, on demand content and even settings.

Here are some of the new commands you can use:

"Alexa, record this."

"Alexa, launch Netflix."

"Alexa, open Game Finder."

"Alexa, go to my Home Screen."

"Alexa, go to my DVR."

Dish first introduced Alexa compatibility last year, though at the time the features were pretty basic. You could control shows and movies by asking Alexa to rewind, pause, fast forward and more. You could also search for stuff based on actor, genre, channel or title.

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All Dish Hopper DVR, Hopper Duo, Joey and Wally set-top boxes will work with the new features. The only drawback here is that each set-top box must be paired with its own Alexa-enabled device. So if you've got two set-top boxes and one Echo Dot, one of your set-top boxes is going to have to remain Alexa-free.

It's a little bit of a bummer that each box needs its own Alexa device, but hopefully in the future there's a way to name different Dish boxes to command your entire TV army.

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