It's finally happened - Alexa is coming to your bed, and it'll only cost you $4,950

CES 2019: Oh, for Dux's sake

Alexa has finally been integrated into a bed
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CES 2019 is shaping up just like every other instalment of the Las Vegas tech show - innovative, exciting and filled with wildly expensive wares that 99% of the population couldn't possibly afford.

And, really, we're not sure anything honors this long-standing tradition more than a new bed from Dux - one that has Amazon Alexa built into its very core. Working in partnership with Stellé, the smart speaker giant, the company announced the tech-savvy bed as part of its quest to integrate tech into the bedroom and promote the ideal sleep environment.

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Admirable stuff on paper, isn't it - but what does this connected bed actually do? According to Duxiana, the company behind Dux, you'll be able to access Alexa just as you usually would, with the audio module built into the frame (as shown below) and able to take your requests and help command other smart home gadgets, such as lights and smart blinds.

It's finally happened - Alexa is coming to your bed, and it'll only cost you $4,950

Through the Dux app, users can also make their bed the centrepiece of the action by creating routines for the likes of bedtime and wake-up.

The privilege of having Alexa built into your fancy new bed will cost you, though - she's no cheapskate, after all. Dux notes that the new range will be available online and in Duxiana stores from May, with the beds available in queen, king and California king sizes, and the price rounding out at a whopping $4,950 for the king model.

Now, obviously, on one hand, this is a fine idea. Alexa is now ubiquitous within the home and beyond, so why not the bed, too? However, there's no doubt that having Alexa hiding within a bed will also be a little bit too creepy for most some people.

We await to see if anybody will follow this trend, or if this will be Alexa's first and only trip to the inside of, well, you know, your bed.

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