Dyson's 360 Heurist robot vacuum has night vision powers

And goes for longer between charges

Dyson's new robo vac has night vision
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Dyson has announced a new robo vacuum, the 360 Heurist, which addresses some of the key problems of the 360 Eye, its first adventure in this space.

The 360 Heurist has had plenty of performance improvements to make it a better cleaner – we'll get to those – but the most intriguing new feature is night vision. The Heurist has a ring of eight LEDs around its top camera that will ignite in poor lighting conditions, allowing the vac to carry on as normal. No excuses.

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The bot also has a new processor that's 20 times faster than the last one, reports Engadget. This gives the vac about 60% more detail about its environment, making it half as likely to bump into things. Got all that? Good.

Dyson also claims it'll "nearly double" its predecessor's 40-minute runtime while also boasting more bristles that move at a faster rate. Battery life was one of our biggest complaints with the Eye, so we're pleased to see that one addressed.

Alexa's back again, allowing you to command your tiny wheeled butler by voice, but no word on whether Google Assistant support will be added this time.

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The 360 Heurist will cost 5,490 yuan, which converts to about $800 ($100 cheaper than the Eye), but there's no guarantee that'll be the price should it make its way out of China and over to the US and UK.

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