Dyson adds Formaldehyde sensing to the Hot+Cool range

Latest generation of purifiers includes a formaldehyde-busting model and improved air filtration

Dyson adds Formaldehyde to Hot+Cool range
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It’s pretty much a certainty that few of us have ever spent as much time indoors – and at home – as we have this past year. And though lockdowns may be easing, shifts in working patterns look here to stay, meaning an emphasis on home comforts is more important than ever.

And if air quality is important to you (and it probably should be), then you’ll want to check out Dyson’s new generation of air purifier, which has launched this week with three new models: Cool (£499), Hot+Cool (£549) and Hot+Cool Formaldehyde (£599).

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The new technologies are focused on three areas: sensing, filtration and acoustics. The improved sensing means that in addition to the current particle, NO2, VOCs, temperature and humidity sensors, the Formaldehyde model has added a formaldehyde sensor and filter that continuously monitors for and destroys formaldehyde, breaking it down into water and CO2 and lasting for the lifetime of the machine, unlike gel-based sensors which dry out over time.

Dyson adds Formaldehyde sensing to the Hot+Cool range

Dyson’s new Air Purifiers also offer full-machine HEPA filtration, meaning that they capture 99.95% of air particles such as allergens, bacteria, pollen and mould spores. High pressure seals also ensure that air cannot bypass the filters to return pollutants to the room.

Finally, for those of us trying to concentrate while enjoying our clean air, whether that’s to watch TV or struggle through a Zoom meeting, the new Dyson Air Purifiers have been re-engineered to be 20% quieter than previous models, also reducing the max fan speed noise from 64 to 61dB.

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Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology helps to project the cleaned air around the room, and allows users to select a preferred room temperature (heating only).

The purifiers can also be controlled via the Dyson Link App and, like Dyson's other connected fans and robot vacuum cleaners, it's also compatible nicely with Alexa.

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