Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool is a three-in-one purifying humidifying fan

Revolutionary new device kills 99.9% of bacteria

Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool goes live
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Dyson's latest assault on your poor indoor air quality has gone live, with the British tech giant adding humidifying skills into the Pure mix. The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool is a three-in-one machine that humidifies, cools and purifies the air in your house.

Bursting out of the same division that has been responsible for a couple of office favourites here at Ambient HQ, such as the Pure Hot+Cool and the Pure Cool, the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool contains a water tank to help keep rooms at an optimal humidification.

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The device is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria, using a highly reflective PTFE tube through, with UV-C light. As water is pumped from the water tank, these UV-C light rays attack it, killing the bacteria. Silver woven into the fabric inside the 3D Air-mesh evaporator also prevents bacteria from growing; although you will have to put the device through a clean cycle one a month to keep all this working as it should.

You'll need to add a spoonful of citric acid and then wait for an hour while all parts of the new Pure fan are thoroughly cleansed.

Like its siblings in the Dyson Pure family, purifying is done courtesy of a HEPA, carbon-activated, filter that, we’re told, traps in 99.95% of all microbes and dirt in your air.

The all-new Dyson Humidify+Cool features an LCD display, which shows a real-time assessment of the air quality in your home. Lasers inside fans measure the particles, and offer air quality readings.

It can sense VOCs from the likes of paint, new furniture and candles, and NO2 from car pollution. There are also sensors for temperature and humidity, too.

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This is also listed in the Dyson Link smartphone app, alongside information on when you need to change the filters and so on. Like Dyson's other connected fans and robot vacuum cleaners, it also plays nicely with Alexa.

In the summer, it's obvious main use is to keep your room cool and there's a new Breeze mode on board to make things a bit more natural; an algorithm powers the device to mimic natural airflow patterns using oscillating barrels.

The Pure Humidify+Cool can also be set not to blow cold air by diffusing air rather than projecting, which is a must-have for winter purifying.

Initially on sale exclusively at Dyson's online store, the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool costs £599.99 and comes in white or silver.

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