eBay takes fire at Amazon with free Google Home Mini deal

Spend $119 on eBay, get a free Mini

eBay is giving away free Google Home Minis

It's usually the case that other retailers ride the Amazon Prime Day wave by offering their own deals, hoping to snatch away some of the passing trade, and eBay's certainly not sitting this one out.

Right now, and until 14 July, eBay is giving a free Google Home Mini to anyone who spends $119 or more on the site. Why $119? That's the cost of a year's Amazon Prime subscription. Yeah, eBay's firing a few shots with this one.

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To claim the Mini, head to eBay's Google store and add one to your cart. Then check out with at least $119 worth of items (not including the Mini) and add the coupon code PMINI4FREE. So long as you do this before 11:59 PM PST on 14 July, you'll get the Mini for free. Sadly for the rest of the world, this looks like it will be a US-only deal.

That's a $49 saving on the Mini speaker, so not bad, although it's worth pointing out that Google is currently offering the speaker for a reduced price of $34 on its site. So maybe a little less tempting, but better than a kick in the teeth.

As we often point out, deals on cheap smart speakers like the Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot are more strategic than they appear. Think of them like seeds for their respective smart home ecosystems; plant one in someone's house, and they're more likely to entrench themselves in that company's tech.

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