You can grab an Echo Dot for a frankly ridiculous $9

This Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Music Unlimited bundle is incredible

Echo Dot with a month of music for just $9
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As the cheapest in the Echo speaker range, the Echo Dot has always been really good value. But this deal blows everything else out the water. Essentially, for just $8.98 you can get an Echo Dot speaker with a month of Amazon Music Unlimited. That's a saving of $49.

Amazon: Echo Dot w/ Amazon Music Unlimited - Save $49
Amazon: Echo Dot w/ Amazon Music Unlimited - Save $49

The Amazon Music Unlimited subscription is auto-renewing at $7.99 a month. But you can cancel the subscription if you want.

Of course, Amazon is hoping you stick around for the 50 million ad-free songs and carry on the subscription. But again, you don't have to and you've just bagged yourself a smart speaker for less than $9.

The Echo Dot 3rd Generation smart speaker and Amazon Music Unlimited play nicely together, letting you ask Alexa to play your favourite tracks and albums from the vast Music Unlimited catalogue of tunes.

The Echo Dot can also act as your gateway into smart home control if you have other compatible devices around the house.

If you already have Echo speakers dotted around the home, this inexpensive speaker is a great way to expand Alexa's reach into the furthest nooks. Heck, you can even put an Echo Dot in your car. We won't judge.

Amazon: Echo Dot w/ Amazon Music Unlimited - Save $49
Amazon: Echo Dot w/ Amazon Music Unlimited - Save $49

We doubt even Black Friday will bring a cheaper Echo Dot than this, so if you're keen snap one of these up then now would be the time. This almost feels like a pricing error, it's that good.

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