Ecobee's first smart cam might double as an Amazon Echo

Indoor smart camera leaks out

Ecobee set to launch first smart cam
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Ecobee became a bit of an Ambient sweetheart last year, when we awarded the Ecobee4 smart thermostat a gong in our inaugural Smart Home Awards. Now the company looks set to launch a smart camera too.

Zatz Not Funny has obtained pics of what appears to be the company's first indoor cam. Sure, another new camera, you say, and what? Well, as it turns out, Ecobee likes fusing Alexa into its products - it did so for the thermostat and its light switch - and we'd bet a handsome sum that it'll do the same for its camera.

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And just to be clear, we're talking about a camera with Alexa built in, not just remotely connected, so you could bark orders directly at it. There are two leaked pictures showing four glowing lights at the top of the camera - one displaying them in a very Alexa-like blue.

There are no details beyond the pics, but we can make some guesses. It would make sense for the cam to integrate tightly with Ecobee's other devices - it could work as a presence sensor for its thermostat, for example.

And if you're wondering why Ecobee is getting so cozy with Alexa, Amazon actually poured a significant amount of investment from its Alexa Fund into the company in 2018. This is smart home war, and Amazon is bringing promising startups under its wing by directly acquiring them, or by influence - as it's done with Ecobee.

We've asked Ecobee for comment and will update if we get anything official.

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