Ecobee Switch+ puts Alexa in a connected light switch

When everything becomes a smart speaker

Ecobee Switch+ puts Alexa in a light switch
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Ecobee's smart thermostat already comes with Amazon Alexa voice controls built right in so it's no surprise to see its new Switch+ smart light switch follow suit.

The Switch+ is $99 where it's on sale in the US and Canada and was announced at SXSW. That's where Ecobee is showing off what it sees as the "whole home voice" future where Alexa doesn't need its own speaker but lives inside everything in the house.

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As for what the Switch+ itself can do, it has a mic to pick up Alexa commands (for everything not just lights), a speaker so the assistant can talk back to you (and play music, we guess) and yes.. it works as a Wi-Fi connected light switch which can control your lights via the (large, if not ridiculous) physical button, via a smartphone app or via voice control.

There's also a motion sensor and ambient light detection so that it can be set to turn on the lights whenever it detects motion in the room and if you also have an Ecobee thermostat, this doubles up as a room sensor to track hot and cold spots.

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For a connected switch it's very feature packed with a night light, auto off after 15 minutes of no motion and automated sunrise/sunset scenes for outdoor lighting. It's an Alexa controller but if you're already all in with another smart home ecosystem, it can also be controlled by Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT and SmartThings.

The Switch+ works with any existing bulb or light fixture that is controlled by one switch with a neutral wire and Ecobee also namechecks Lifx as one smart light bulb maker that is supported.

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