Eve Light Strip adds HomeKit Adaptive Lighting to the mix

HomeKit Secure Video features also updated as part of iOS 14

Eve adds HomeKit Adaptive Lighting
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HomeKit specialist Eve has announced that it is bringing Apple’s HomeKit Adaptive Lighting to its popular Light Strip, as part of a new firmware update.

Eve claims that its smart LED strip is the first product to make use of HomeKit Adaptive Lighting - but Nanoleaf might have something to say about that.

Unveiled by Apple in June as part of the iOS 14 update, HomeKit Adaptive Lighting is a feature that can change the color temperature of smart lighting at different times of the day, and in real-time.

Over the course of a day, the smart lamp would emit warmer colours in the morning and cooler colours halfway through the day. But at night, it would automatically lower blue light in order to improve people’s sleep.

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It’s like the Night Shift feature you get on your iPhone, but in your house on all of your smart lights.

These Color temperature adjustment happens automatically - you don’t need to fiddle with settings each time you turn the Light Strip on, you simply enable Adaptive Lighting in the Home app.

You need a dedicated HomeKit hub set up though - a HomePod or an Apple TV is your best bet.

To access the new feature, Eve Light Strip users need to head into the Eve App on their iOS device and install the latest firmware update.

Eve has also announced that Eve Cam users will be able to update their smart security camera to access the new iOS 14 and tvOS 14 features like HomeKit Secure Video facial recognition, Activity Zones and the ability to project their camera’s livestream on an Apple TV.

The Eve Light Strip retails for $79.95 and the Eve Cam retails for $149.95. Both devices are available from the Eve Store, Apple and Amazon.

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